Our Best Winter Running Tips

You are thinking about running, but the weather is cold and you just cannot make yourself – read through this list of tips and prepare for a winter of great activity and feeling awesome!


  • Get Motivated

The most important factor in making any activity a habit is remaining motivated. If you struggle with this, you may try certain tricks. Expert runners advise to make a plan to run with another person. That way you will definitely go for a run, because you already made a plan and quitting would be a bad style. Also, motivate yourself by an awesome post-run brunch. Another good motivational technique that will make you keep running throughout the cold months is to plan out what you would like to achieve in a three-month period for instance. This can be a weight-loss goal, or getting prepared for a marathon or anything else.

  • Arm Your Feet                                                                                                                       buying-your-next-pair-of-running-shoes-2

When running during the winter, you must have a good pair of running shoes that will keep your feet dry and warm throughout the practice. The Gore-Tex uppers addition to your shoes is an even better option. There is nothing worse than wet feet when it’s cold out, and this can make you give up exercising. Therefore, invest in a good pair of running shoes.

  • Get Dressed

If you’re not sure how thick your wardrobe should be when you go for a run, experts advise that you should be a bit cold when you first start running. Then, throughout the activity, you will feel gradually warmer. The aim here is to feel comfortable and warm enough, but not sweaty and too hot.

  • Be Seen

Running during the winter often takes place when it’s dark. The day lasts shorter, so the chances are you will run when it’s dark. You’ll need to have equipment that will make drivers able to see you in the dark. Wear fluorescent and reflective equipment. A flash light will come in handy as well.  

  • Warm Up Prerun                                                                                                                      Muscular man skipping rope. Portrait of muscular young man exercising with jumping rope on black background

You can use a jump rope, run on the stairs, do some Yoga or even housework. This will prepare you for the cold outside. It’s important to warm up so that you wouldn’t shock your body, and to avoid muscle cramps. If you are running with other people, make sure you aren’t waiting for them out in the cold, but stay inside of a car for instance.

  • Deal with Wind

If it’s windy out, it’s advisable to start running into it. When you start sweating and you’re done for the day, the wind should blow in your back. If the wind is particularly strong, try running in segments of ten minutes against the wind and then get back. You can purchase different pieces of sport equipment for the face to protect against wind and frost.

  • Forget Speed

When you run in the winter, mileage is more important than speed. Keep in mind that the air gets progressively warmer on elevated places, so search for these. The temperature is significantly higher, with just 350 feet up. It’s best to run when it’s warmest out, which is around 12 pm. However, if you’re unable to run at that time, then divide the activity into two parts.

  • Change Quickly Postrun

When you’ve finished running for the day, try to change your clothes as quickly as possible. Change every piece of clothing so as to avoid sweat getting dried on your body, which can cause getting chills or even sick. Until you get home or the closest place where you can change your clothes, always wear a hat if your hair is wet. Unless you do this, you risk catching a cold. Some people visit a coffee shop as a post-run activity and use it to change in the bathroom and then chill out there. If you go running for fun, you can also bring hot tea and enjoy after a run.

  • Deal with Rain

Don’t let rain spoil your running plans. Runners at certain cities with an above average rainfall, say they always have required equipment with them. So, prepare for rain. This includes towels, change of clothes, sneakers. If you think your feet might get wet, try putting a plastic bag first and then wear sneakers over them. If your sneakers are filled with water after running, take the sole out and fill the sneakers with newspapers. That will soak up water.

  • Go Someplace Warm

In the South, the only period good for running throughout the year is actually in winter months with moderate temperatures. So, you have the option to go on a marathon during winter. Florida is one of the most popular places for running a winter marathon but there are also other places that might be closer to your place of residence.

So, remain motivated and keep running to fight the winter boredom and stay fit! More tips related to being fit HERE.

Author | John and Lindsay Brown Comments | Comments Off Date | October 27, 2016